So, it is finally happening.

Young Justice Season 3 was announced some time ago, we got a subtitle, “Outsiders”, and also a short synopsis:

“In Young Justice: Outsiders, the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. In the highly anticipated new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy.”


I gotta admit at this point, when I first heard about Young Justice I dismissed it as a bad Teen Titans wannabe or some stupid teenage-justice-league-rubbish. Only after finally watching it I realized what I had been missing out on.

Today the show rightfully holds one of the top spots in my personal favorites, right next to Avatar: The last Airbender and the old DCAU.

And now after the cliffhanger ending of all cliffhanger endings, and a long wait full of despair, we are finally getting more!


Which brings me to the topic of this post:
What are we going to get?

I thought about it, and from stories teased in Season 2, to plots alluded to in the Synopsis above, to comic-arcs I would like to see incorporated, there are a lot of tantalizing possibilities!


There obviously will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Young Justice yet, DO IT NOW! Seriously, the show is awesome and you really don’t want this stuff spoiled!

Here are just some possible story arcs, starting with the obviously teased ones:

Darkseid & the New Gods

You just know this is going to be trouble.

Even without the obvious cliffhanger, the New Gods have been teased forever, from the Sphere/Super-Cycle over the Forever People, all the way to Intergang. So it is obvious we will be getting something there, after all, the Light used Boomtubes back in Season 1, even mentioning that this “delivery method” of their partner was tested with the New Genosphere. It will probably only pick up in the later half of the Season, but I am hyped to see the New Gods in the signature Young Justice style, and am curious if the Team will gain new members from New Genesis or even Apokolips!

Then however it will probably take some time to get there, so let’s see what we may get in the meantime!


Lex Luthor’s Quest for (political) Power

I gotta be honest, this guy is one of the scariest cartoon villains i’ve ever seen.

Easily overlooked, Lex Luthor gained a ton of political influence in the Season 2 Finale, something that could likely lead to a variant of the “Lex Luthor for President!” Story.
This plotline has already been featured in Justice League with “A Better World” and the Justice Lords, Justice League Unlimited with the outstanding Cadmus-Arc and of course the movie (bromance) Batman/Superman: Public Enemies.

Having seen all of those variations I openly admit that they are some of my favorite story arcs in DC Animation History, but what Young Justice might do has me even more anxious, for one simple reason:

The Young Justice Lex is easily the most terrifying version of the character I have seen in a long time.


Allow me to explain:

In pretty much all previous versions of this story Luthor grows increasingly furious and unstable, to the point of full on insanity in most cases.


This “Deranged Megalomaniac”-aspect of Luthor is something we have never seen in Young Justice. On the opposite, the guy never lost his cool, staying calm and collected during even the most absurd situations, often solving those with nothing but words.
Just think back to the episode “Satisfaction” when Speedy/Arsenal is ready to brutally murder him, even at the cost of his own life, and Luthor?

Luthor don’t give a shit.

Luthor just talks calmly and then walks out of there without a f*cking scratch.

This is what makes him so terrifying and why a plot like this could be incredible! So political intrigue and plays for public approval in season 2 were already highly exiting, seeing this with upped stakes could be awesome!


The Return of *Spoiler*

No, not Stephanie Brown, sorry guys!

I am talking about (Seriously, Spoilers incoming now, get away!)

Wally West, aka Kid Flash, who, to quote my favorite grumpy AI, “ceased” at the end of Season 2.

What is it with speedsters and randomly dissapeary-dying whenever there is some big crisis?

There have already been a lot of theories involving the speedforce, time travel, and whatever else, so I won’t delve into it that much. Long story short, I am pretty sure he will be back and am hoping for a big emotional story involving the old team of Robin, Artemis, Kaldur, Superboy, M’gann and of course Flash himself. Considering the stellar work the previous Season did on the whole Speedy/Clone Arc including Chesire of all people, I can’t wait to see what they’ll whip up here!


Creation of a different Team

Just PLEASE dont mess up Starfire this time! Like, seriously, dont!

Given the subtitle it’s pretty obvious we are going to see another team of sidekicks being created, but looking back at season 2, I found even more hints:

From the infighting over Kaldur’s “betrayal”, that probably left deeper scars than we anticipated, to the four meta-teens enhanced by the Reach and of course Arsenal. This could result in the Outsiders, a new version of “The Team” with the same purpose as the original team, acting unnoticed outside the public’s eye, or even the Outlaws, a separate entity working in a much more brutal manner. We already know that Jason Todd existed as a now dead Robin in this Universe. Bring him back, pair him up with Arsenal and some other disillusioned sidekicks and boom! There you go!

What has happened to those kids anyway? They kinda dissappeared towards the end.

Considering that the Synopsis directly mentions meta-human trafficking, which could easily lead to some really angry ex-victims that aren’t content with walking the high road (Starfire anyone?).


One way or the other, a new team could be really interesting, and it could help keep all the characters somewhat sorted.

Ok, just a little Heads-Up, the following ideas are really more some random wishes/hopes not really based on much!


Ra’s al Ghul Storyline/Damian Wayne

This is pretty much all we ever saw of Ocean Master, though Ra’s didnt get much more screentime.

Ras is one of the biggest and most interesting villains in the DC Universe, so its kinda a shame that he only ever got smaller jobs in Young Justice. With his kind-of death during the season 2 finale we now have the chance for a bigger Ras storyline, probably even including Talia and: Damian Wayne!

Yeah, I admit it, I like this little piece of shit, no matter how annoying he can be!

The Son of Batman has been a big focal point of several DC Animated Movies as of late, so his inclusion would be far from surprising.
Also Ras kinda-death would give us a logical point to start that plot: Ras grows concerned about his lineage and possible successors given the strength of all those aliens & metahumans that may be able to kill even him permanently.
The Young Justice Comics also established that there is an strong attraction between Talia and Bruce, plus, the Bruce of Young Justice has proven himself to be a pretty good father figure, so it would make sense for Talia to bring Damian to him, maybe even to protect the boy from Ras increasing mania/The Lights insane plots?

Team Ups with the League

Lets face it, the whole “Lets get judged be an obviously corrupt court for crimes we didnt really commit”-story was rather stupid.

Lets remember back in Season 1: The number one thing the original Team-members wanted was to become part of the League. The season promptly focused on showing that they can do just as good work as the League, proving the doubters among the big heros that they are far more than just “sidekicks”.
While the main force of the league was absent for most of season 2, the first few episodes showed us some tantalizing developments:

A strong Bat-family working in perfect harmony, Superman & Superboy on much better terms and several ex-team now as part of the League.


My main point is honestly Superboy & Superman. After they non-existent relationship was such a big point of season 1, it’s kinda disappointing to not see more of how this changed by season 2.

Also, the big guns just came back from Rimbor and are probably not amused to see what the Light has been up to in the meantime. Maybe some League/Team team-up for a big offensive against the Light?


Bottomline: The Team has now proven itself as valuable assets in season 1, and as able to get the job done alone if necessary in season 2, so how about showing us the logical conclusion, namely the team, or at least the original team, working side-by-side with the league.

Something, something, Dick Grayson

Free advice from the Boy-Wonder.

One of the many things that make Young Justice as awesome as it is, is the fact that there have been major storylines, or at least focus episodes, for nearly every character. While Season 2 had a few problems here, this was to be expected, given the huge increase in characters.

Yet there is one major character who has been there since the beginning that never got much of a storyline for himself: Dick Grayson, aka Robin, aka Nightwing.


While Dick has had a major role throughout the series, the closest thing to his own arc we ever got were his roles in other people’s stories, like faking Artemis death to help Kaldur infiltrate the Light. Yes, there was that one Circus-Episode in season one, but we never got more, not how he became Nightwing, nor how Jason and then Tim became Robins.

This alone in a flashback that also explains Jason’s story, should he finally appear as Red Hood or something alike would be interesting. Mainly because it would likely differ from the standard story of how Bruce was a shitty parent and Dick had enough: The Young Justice version of Bruce/Batman has proven himself one of the better parents among the heroes, to the point where he not only helps everyone in the team overcome issues when necessary, but straight up tells Superman to step it up and stop being shitty to Superboy.


So the whole, “he never is there, he endangers people, he is behaving recklessly”-story that normally explains how Robin became Nightwing doesn’t really work here.

And I haven’t even started talking about his relationship to Barbara/Batgirl, so yeah, theres a LOT of material there!


Finish up Comic Storylines

Interested in what happened between episodes? Check out the comics!

For those that don’t know, Young Justice had a companion comic for a short time, filling in some missing pieces, like how Artemis even noticed the fight against Amazo, or how the team got their butts kicked by clayface.

But the Comics also had some of their own storylines, like a bigger one about the Kobra Cult and several somewhat open-ended ones, including, but not limited to:

Gorilla Grodd & Gorilla City together with backstories for The Brain & the Ultra Humanite,
More Atlantis & Ocean Master, though I think they kinda finished that in the Video Game,


The Collector of Worlds/Brainiac as well as an alien warlord named Kylstar,

a lot of smaller plot parts about the Light and their plans & preparations for Invasion.


While the bigger part of those are probably considered as finished or simply were cut from season 2, it could be interesting to see more about some of those in season 3.

So, there you have it, I left out the obvious need for a finale to the whole The Light business because it’s pretty obvious, but those are some plotlines that I imagine/hope we could be getting.


What do you think, and more importantly, what stories do you want to see in Young Justice season 3?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

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